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Public speaking is a necessary part of all of our work lives, yet most of us are terrified of it! No one is inherently a super presenter. Confidently speaking in front of an audience is a skill that, like anything else, can be learned. This course explores ways you can overcome your fear of public speaking and become a more confident presenter.

  • Course Duration: 45 mins

  • Course Fee: Free

  • Additional Resources: Downloadable PDFs

  • Personalized Certificate

What to expect in the course

What you will learn 🗒

  • How to successfully prepare for your presentations and understand your audience 

  • Ways to capture your listeners' attention and keep them engaged throughout your talk

  • Tips to reduce presenter stress and become more confident on stage

  • Get access to additional PDF downloads, resources, and inspiration for your next presentation

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course

    • A Path to Becoming a Confident Presenter

    • Pre-Course Check In

  2. 2
    • Chapter 1 Overview

    • Lesson 1: Know Your Audience

    • Lesson 2: Pre-Presentation Survey

    • Lesson 3: Audience Checklist

    • Lesson 4: Know Your Tech

    • Lesson 5: Calming Your Nerves

  3. 3
    • Chapter 2 Overview

    • Lesson 1: Creating Engagement

    • Lesson 2: Pacing & Timing

    • Lesson 3: Handling Questions From the Audience

    • Lesson 4: Q&A Tools

  4. 4
    • Lesson 1: Feedback - Your New Best Friend

    • Course Summary

    • Congratulations!

    • Join our Monthly live Q&A

    • Course Feedback

    • Course Certificate & Further Resources

Become Certified in Public Speaking 🎓

Upon completion of the course you will receive your very own Confident Presenting certificate. Perfect for sharing on social media or adding to your resumé!
Representation of the certificate.

Meet Your Instructor

Head of Education

Oscar Svernlöv

A real Mentimeter whiz and our Educational Content Specialist, Oscar specializes in hosting live webinars, quizzes, and recording instructional videos for all members of our Menti community. Oscar has honed his presenting and public speaking skills thanks to nearly four years of teaching experience and a year and a half of game show hosting. He is in his element when presenting in front of an audience more than willing to share all of his insider secrets to help you become a Super Presenter.

Eliminate your fears of public speaking

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