What You Will Learn At Mentimeter Academy

Discover what our instructors have to teach you and what each of our courses has in store.

Public Speaking Courses

Reduce presenter stress and learn how to become confident on stage. Certificate included!

Meet Your Instructors

Time to meet our Menti experts that will be guiding through our courses.

Head of Education

Oscar Svernlöv

A real Mentimeter whiz and our Product Marketing Manager Oscar specializes in hosting live webinars, quizzes, and recording instructional videos for all members of our Menti community. Oscar has honed his presenting and public speaking skills thanks to nearly four years of teaching experience and a year and a half of game show hosting. He is in his element when presenting in front of an audience more than willing to share all of his insider secrets to help you become a Super Presenter.

Chief People & Culture Officer

Anna Gullstrand

Anna is Chief People & Culture Officer at Mentimeter, responsible for building a resilient company culture. Anna has 15+ years of experience as an executive, running digital agencies and being a strategic consultant for digital and cultural transformation. In 2022 she won the prestigious SaaS Leader of The Year award in Sweden. Anna has a background in change management, facilitation, group development and leadership development. She is also the author of the award-winning book "Facilitate!"

Lead Visual Designer

Agnes Johansson

Another standout member of the Mentimeter team, Agnes makes everything Menti look great - from our Academy courses to presentations. Eager to draw on her expertise in illustrations, animations and different forms of media, she will be on hand to highlight some useful design secrets anyone can use. Her passion for all things beautiful - as well as nifty solutions - is sure to inspire you to create stunning visuals and captivating presentations.


Customer Success Manager, Codafish

Michelle Charles English

This course is engaging and interactive - just like a Mentimeter presentation should be. It is also very effective in giving a comprehensive overview of the basics.

English teacher, IES Sierra de Gador

Jose Antonio Carceles

"If you don't know anything about this tool, just take a look at this course. It's easy and clear. You will be able to create your own interactive presentations and engage your audience. My students love it!"

Engineer & Training Coordinator, MSETCL

Sunildatta Kulkarni

"I want to become Mentimeter Certified Trainer. This is the first step to achieving my goal. The course is well designed & informative. I expect more courses like this to achieve excellence in Mentimeter Presentation. Thank You Mentimeter Academy Team. "

Lecturer, University of Eldoret

Peter Ouma

"A very wonderful and engaging course that is well structured with a professional approach"