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Professor, Cal Poly Pomona

T Delfin

"Mentimeter is structured in the way our minds work, fostering engagement, connection and the ability to engage with the presenter"

Principal Consultant, Workwell Consulting

Andrew Hollo

“I can pose a question easily (so easily, in fact, that the group can suggest questions and answer categories, and I can type them straight in, and have them respond immediately) and within a minute or two, have aggregated responses from every participant.”

Equality Consultant, Make Equal

Malin Averstad Ryd

"Before we meet a client or a group of people, it is important to know the knowledge they already possess as individuals or as a group. One way can be that before the training is to send out a survey through Mentimeter where they have to identify their own strengths or challenges, so we can be as' prepared as possible and to meet their needs.

Instructor at Madison College

Kathy Jochman

“I haven’t started a meeting with PowerPoint in a long time since I started using Mentimeter, when you can initially engage your audience with some fast-paced questions and use it to transition throughout the presentation, to me there is nothing better.”

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